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THE modular system for efficient column construction

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The flexible kit for results with high precision!


Build machines efficiently!

We have perfectly coordinated elements that are often required in the column structure as a link between automation technology and floor space. You don't always have to reinvent the wheel when it comes to column construction, you can use the popular assembly kit from uversa. Our building blocks are flexible, very stable, resilient, vibration-free and ideally suited for precise requirements. They come in a variety of sizes and colors.

Download the technical data and the CAD models in the desired format and integrate our high-quality products (Made in Germany) into your project. And if you have special requirements or wishes, we will manufacture individual parts for you that can be perfectly integrated into our system.

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What distinguishes our modules

  • quick, easy planning
  • Download all technical documents
  • CAD data in all common formats
  • modular, flexible, variable
  • expandable in any direction
  • 6 sizes (12 to 60 mm)
  • different colors
  • Hollow columns, columns (waves) in desired length
  • Hollow column as cable guide
  • quick, easy setup
  • tried and tested, durable
  • ESD capable
  • extremely precise
  • high rigidity, vibration-free
  • Very robust and resilient standards (Made in Germany)
  • German quality standards (Made in Germany)
  • excellent value for money
  • short delivery time
  • individual extensions on request
  • personal customer advice and support

Areas of application

  • Mechanical engineering
  • Special mechanical engineering
  • Plant construction
  • Pick & place systems
  • Constructions
  • Belt systems
  • Holding devices
  • Portal systems
  • Mounting fixtures
  • Pillar construction
  • Automation technology
  • Conveyor manufacturing
  • Jig construction
  • Measuring technology
  • Control technology

With our units you can…

  • jam
  • connect
  • attach
  • adjust
  • lead
  • hold
  • justify
  • fix
  • set
  • screw on
  • extend
  • mount
  • build up
  • assemble
  • align
  • merge
  • support
  • clamp

That's what customers say about us

“Your products are great. Saves us a lot of time on some projects. Can absolutely recommend uversa.”

Daniel Plonka
Plonka Engineering

"Thank you for your great support! It's great that you deliver so promptly despite individual requests and that you give competent and good advice in advance."

Florian Gail

"Finally there is someone who also offers smaller sizes for column constructions as standard."

Edgar Weißenbach

our top seller

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uversa Produktkatalog

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new catalog now!

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Do you have questions about our products or would you like advice on your project? Feel free to contact me without obligation.

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We will gladly answer your questions

    Didn't find the right module?

    At uversa we primarily offer elements that are in high demand and are often used in column structures. However, we are happy to produce special components according to your wishes and specifications, which you can easily combine with our basic elements.

    More Products

    We observe industry developments, customer orders and collect feedback on the projects in which our products are used. We use this knowledge to continuously expand our set of modules and to regularly bring new, complementary products onto the market.


    About uversa

    The implementation of projects in mechanical and plant engineering is usually very extensive, since each individual part has to be developed, planned, designed, produced and tested. Even smaller structures quickly result in a lot of time and money.

    As an experienced service provider in special machine construction, we can remedy this point. Because uversa offers many designers clever support with the popular basic modules. You not only save time, but also production costs - especially for parts that you only need in small quantities. Because we already have our modules (which we regularly produce in large quantities) in stock for you.

    Our focus is on pillar construction. The products offered by uversa are the link between automation technology (guides, cylinders, gripper systems, sensors, etc.) and your floor space. Over the past few years, we have developed a well thought-out "modular system" based on our industry knowledge and experience with our own customers. Frequently required elements for the column structure have been standardized, optimized and coordinated in order to then pre-produce them as standards in different sizes. In constructions with pillar structures, the wheel does not always have to be reinvented. Machine and plant builders can fall back on the popular system from uversa. The handling, from the planning with our CAD data to the construction of the construction with our individual parts, is uncomplicated and fast.

    The strengths of our parts are particularly evident in special machine construction when stability, resilience and precision are required in addition to flexibility. Fastened components can be precisely adjusted and adjusted with our base modules. In this way, tolerances that often cannot be avoided in construction and production can be precisely compensated. With these properties, our elements are ideal for assembly devices, or as stands for light barriers, proximity switches and the like.

    With our flexible and coordinated modules, many conventional assembly systems that are complex and expensive can be replaced. The kit of standard elements from uversa is well thought out, amazingly simple and can be put together individually for each project and your column structure can be expanded in any direction.

    We offer all parts in different versions (size, color, etc.) and matching columns (waves) in your desired length. If required, we are also happy to supply intermediate sizes, manufacture adapter plates with additional fastening hole patterns according to your specifications, or produce completely new components that can be seamlessly integrated into our system. In the online shop you have access to all technical documents, data sheets and CAD models in the desired format at any time.

    All uversa elements are produced according to high quality standards (Made in Germany), have a high-quality finish and are very durable. We have excellent value for money and short delivery times. Repeat orders can also be placed quickly and easily at any time. If you have any questions about our products or would like advice on your project, our specialist staff is of course at your disposal. With this concept, we ensure more efficient plant and mechanical engineering.