Up to 20% refund:
The uversa sustainability program

At the end of your project, we can buy the used uversa parts from you if you wish. You will receive a refund of up to 20% on the net purchase price and thus also make a valuable contribution to our environment.

Because by buying them back, we extend the life of our uversa products by offering them again as "used goods" in our shop after a thorough examination.

With this program, we want to work with you to make a positive contribution to protecting the environment and help make the mechanical engineering industry a bit more sustainable.

In this way, let us act together in a sustainable manner in the interest of the environment.

As part of our sustainability program, environmental protection is also a focus in other areas of uversa:

  • Production in Germany
  • Multiple use of packaging material
  • Digital product catalogue
  • Climate neutral shipping
  • Durable products

This is how it works

1. Contact us

Have you finished your project and now have to dismantle your machine again? Contact us and discuss the procedure with us. Once we have discussed the procedure with you, send us your parts/products back.

2. Determination of the refund/assessment of the parts

Upon receipt of the parts, we will inspect the condition of the parts and determine the refund amount based on the condition at our discretion.

In good condition, this can amount to up to 20% of the net purchase price you paid.

We will email you our buyback offer. Then you decide whether you want to accept it or not.

If you do not agree with the refund amount offered or if, contrary to expectations, a buyback is not possible due to the condition of the products, we will send the parts back to you at our expense.

3. Receive refund

You will receive the refund calculated by us within a few days. Not as a voucher, but as a credit note.

Exclusion/Rejection of a Repurchase

Columns (waves) are generally excluded from buyback. We also reserve the right to refuse a buyback in individual cases, regardless of the condition of the products.